Leaves start falling on the pavement in a rich array of colours and by the time the first chocolate Santas begin finding their way on to supermarket shelves in September, we can hear ourselves saying, ‘Is it autumn again?’ But no need to shed tears over the end of summer, because now is the time to have real fun being active outdoors. Golden hues, fresh air and there’re still enough hours of daylight for popular outdoor activities, like trail running or gardening. So, anyone with a garden should count themselves lucky. Gardening is back in vogue and you can find some fantastic _green fingers _ on the web.


For example, the London gardener, John Tebbs. His blog, Thegardenedit tells a real story in the garden world. His images and tales of verdure are stylish and modern and impressively combine garden craftsmanship with an urban and contemporary expression.



Or the American, Erin Benzakein, who together with her family, grows a spectacular carpet of flowers on her farm in the state of Washington. In her blog, www.floretflowers.com/blog you can find countless tools and ideas for your own dream garden or for growing your own flowers.