The it-shoe: the babouche!

What looks like an out of shape slipper is actually the it-shoe of Spring! It has an elongated oblong shape, a pointed toe, a v-shaped cutout and hardly any sole. What are we talking about? Babouche slippers!


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Although the shoe made an appearance on the catwalk as early as last Spring, it’s only since its inclusion in the CÉLINE 2016 Spring collection that it’s so obviously transformed into a trend shoe. Thanks to Phoebe Philo, Creative Director and Board Member at CÉLINE, the slipper is currently being spotted on several feet – particularly celebrities‘!

But why the hype?

Babouches are actually a traditional shoe from Morocco, where they are hand-made from leather. The new, western Babouche derives from this style. For some, this style might seem like it would take a bit of getting used to, but after a closer look they tend to be convinced by the simple yet elegant design.
As a successor of the so-called soft ballerina, the trend that has stood out on the global catwalk over the last few years is continuing: flats. Usually the domain of high-heels, it’s the flat shoe that has gained the attention of the fashion world for a few seasons. As the sole of the Babouche is so unbelievably thin, it fits into this pattern perfectly.

A further highlight: the shoes can not only be combined with practically anything, they’re also unisex! – What? Yes! The trend is loved by both women and men! A nice change…


We’ll be eagerly watching how this shoe trend will develop and already can’t wait for the next bizarre fashion!


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