The 5 shoe trends for this spring and summer!

Ladies, it’s time for new shoes! The warmer weather is reason enough to buy yourself some new favourite shoes. Here are 5 models that you absolutely need to have.

1. Black mules

Mules are perfect for warmer weather. They are easy to mix and match, whether with casual boyfriend jeans or meeting attire – they always look good. And with their open heels they are comfortable to wear even in hot weather. Perfect for the coming season.

2. Flip flops with ankle straps

Alexander Wang presented them at Fashion Week, and now all the bloggers will be wearing flip flops with ankle straps this summer. And why not something other than bog-standard flip flops? It looks like the fashion business thought so too, and so they added an ankle strap. It may look a bit funny at first, but they are said to be very comfortable and hold up well…

3. White moccasins

Moccasins are nothing new in the fashion world, they have been mainstream for some time, but the white colour is new! These bright shoes will add a totally fresh and exciting touch to your outfit and leave you feeling like you are in “1001 Nights”. Not so great for festival trips, but perfect for walking on the beach.

4. Over-the-knee boots

Basic black, like Khloe Kardashian. Over the knee boots are the total head-turner as far as footwear goes this spring and summer. These long boots can be worn casually with an oversized shirt or pullover but also with a dress, and there you have it, the perfect outfit for warm days. Totally stylish and completely on-trend. What more could a girl want?

5. The star collection: Rihanna for Puma!

|| Rihanna X Puma Fenty Bow Sneaker in "Silver Pink" & "Olive Branch" // Top or bottom? ||

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Whatever this woman touches becomes a massive success. That also goes for the latest Puma collection from pop superstar Rihanna, who’s been designing for Puma under the name “Fenty for Puma”. A sample from the collection is the “Bow Sneaker”- a sports shoe with a trendy bow. The shoes were sold out as soon as they were available online. They are everlastingly stylish.

Which trend do you like? We’re dying to find out what we’ll be seeing on the streets!


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