The 5 biggest fashion bloggers on Instagram!

What once started out as a pastime meant just for fun has turned into a separate business over time! The social media platform Instagram, a photo-sharing app, has over 100 million active users worldwide. Some of these users lead the world rankings list with the most followers. Followers – what? In English: people who follow these Instagram profiles. But just who are the 5 biggest German fashion bloggers on Instagram?

Fashion bloggers have become just as important as the fashion Bibles VOGUE or Harper’s Bazaar. At international fashion shows, they sit in the front row and share their opinions with thousands of people in just a few seconds on social media platforms. Here are the 5 German fashion bloggers with the most followers on Instagram:


1. FashionHippieLoves (969.000 followers)

She is the German Instagram queen! With nearly 1 million followers, she has truly arrived. She not only blogs about fashion, but also takes her fans on trips and shows them her life.


This outfit is up on my Blog: <link in bio> ????

Ein von Anni (@fashionhippieloves) gepostetes Foto am


2. CaroDaur (528.000 followers)

Caro Daur belongs to the German #SquadGoals clique. Among others, she counts model Stefanie Giesinger, winner of the 2014 cycle of „Germany’s Next Top Model“, YouTuber Sami Slimani, and several other celebrities as part of her circle of friends. She travels with them regularly and has meanwhile set off a „shriek alarm“ with her young fans on occasion. Sport guides in particular are interested in her profile and blog at and in so doing, have led her to Instagram fame.


Hanging out in the shade before heading to the festival ????????????☀️????#bloggerbazaarLA #LIEBESKINDgoesfestival

Ein von Caroline Daur (@carodaur) gepostetes Foto am


3. NovaLanaLove (418.000 followers)

Farina blogs on her fashion blog „NovaLanaLove“ not only about fashion, but also gives her followers the feeling that they don’t have to measure 90-60-90 in order to operate in the fashion world. That makes her particularly likeable and authentic, since her breakfast photos receive over 10,000 likes! In addition, she is an extremely successful blogger and the new face of adverts from Dixx and got2b.


'Lick me up and take me like a vitamin..'????????

Ein von Farina Opoku (@novalanalove) gepostetes Foto am


4. NinaSuess (127.000 followers)

Nina Suess! Yes, that’s the blogger’s real name. And she is especially popular due to her mix and match styles. She can very easily mix high-end brands like Versace with an H&M blouse, and still look mega stylish while doing so. In her chosen city of residence, Hamburg, she is in solid fourth place with 127,000 followers.


With @maccosmetics and @grazia_magazin in Hamburg – shooting a tutorial for the latest Make-Up Trends

Ein von N I N A S U E S S (@ninasuess) gepostetes Foto am


5. Matiamu by Sofia (124.000 followers)

Everyone is glad to take a look! Sofia is not only a blogger by profession, but also a model. She was already booked for ad campaigns by brands like DIESEL and Replay and that is no surprise! On Instagram she lets us take a look into her everyday life as a model and blogger and gives us insight into her exciting life.


some snaps from this look are now on the blog ???????????????? get the #ootd details also via #liketkit ????

Ein von Matiamu by Sofia Tsakiridu (@matiamubysofia) gepostetes Foto am


So there you have it, the five biggest German fashion bloggers on Instagram – and the power of these profiles should not be underestimated: as soon as something is posted, it is sold out only a short time later. What are we missing? The guys! They are not quite as far along, but we are confident that they will also soon climb in the follower rankings.

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