Stitches Of The Third Dimension

Knitting is en vogue. Not least because knitting is about snugness and comfort. Relaxation and individuality are what today’s Zeitgeist phenomena is all about, in response to the speed and virtual reality of the digital age. And these are the key words of current and upcoming fashion trends. The more reduced the styles that are in fashion, the more the focus is on materials and workmanship.
Henrik Vibskov has woven innovation and individuality into the stitches, while not only enriching the fashion world with his revolutionary ideas. His spectacularly staged fashion shows have names like „The Sticky Brick Fingers“ such as at the recently concluded Fashion Week Copenhagen. In 3D knitted stitches, with a boosted effect, or brick motifs for Sweater Structures which create a visual wall the body. A knitted identity, or the second face – on the sweater – the creative and technical possibilities are limitless. The multi award-winning designer even had the shoes made from specially knitted neoprene to match the show location.

Between eccentricity and portability – the name Henrik Vibskov stands for innovative ideas – each according to the motto of his collection – from head to toe and as an overall concept, including location and music.


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