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The German manufacturer, Sitting Point, has what you would call a real comfort zone. Its’ furniture is so comfortable that you’ll want to make it your own personal meeting point at home – whether outdoors on the patio, in the garden and conservatory or indoors in your living room. Sitting Point’s seats and chairs are inspired by today’s lifestyle and as perfect all-rounders, they easily blend with the overall design concept of your home. What’s more, Sitting Point uses dralon in its ‘Loft OUTSIDE’ range, making it strong and durable and a well-loved piece of furniture!

For its ‘OUTSIDE’ outdoor collection, Sitting Point uses top quality dralon® acrylic fibres produced in Germany. This material, which is also used to produce parasols and sails, boasts brilliant colour density, easy care and high wear resistance – outdoors, on the veranda or balcony.

Its’ super-soft properties means this furniture is also ideal for using indoors.


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