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Soft colours are still in trend for the home this year. And if you find that boring then you’ve not yet really paid attention to the allure of certain colour schemes. Romantic notes of lilac and rose combined with light grey and beige will positively pull you into an even and gentle home atmosphere, arranged here in the image by the German blanket manufacturer Biederlack. The beautiful things about these colour spectra is that they work just as well in winter as they do in the spring. This lies in the magic of pastels and natural colours, which harmonise with vivid florals and herbals just as well as they do with winter’s fluffy greige and beige tones. Biederlack presents here a series of cosy blankets from the Pastels & Nature series, made of 60% cotton and 40% polyacrylic Dralon, and supplemented with fine velvet trim. More information at: www.biederlack.de


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