Interview with Blogger NachGestern

Esra’s look is eye-catching. Just her hairstyle is something you don’t see every day on your way to the supermarket. But that must be her secret to success! For over four years she has been blogging on her lifestyle and fashion blog “Nachgesternistvormorgen” and she has over 40.000 fans on Instagram. She collaborated with the dralon GmbH multiple times already. For the first time and just a couple of weeks ago during the blogger-event #meetdralon she presented a Biederlack Cape, which included our dralon fibre. We asked the fashion blogger some interesting questions:

Dralon GmbH: Dear Esra, when was the first time you heard about the Dralon GmbH and the fibre?


The first time I heard from you guys was at the very nice event in October 2016



Dralon GmbH: At our event „Meet Dralon“ you were able to get to know our fibre – what surprised you?


I did not know that the fibre was basically everywhere around me, worldwide! I have seen it so many times already without knowing it!



Dralon GmbH: How much do you care about high quality during shopping and are you willing to spend more money on it?


Let’s put it that way: with getting older I look and take more care of quality. As a student, I just didn’t have the money for that. These days I like high quality products without chemical smell on it.



Dralon GmbH: You have over 40.000 Follower on Instagram. Tell us how you developed this followership.


It did not just grow overnight. At the beginning Instagram was just an app where you could share cute pictures without editing them too much. These days it is one of the most important business tools. After I realized that I started to post only high quality content and to take care of that my pictures always have an identical look. You have to be very, very active on Instagram because the new algorithm will not push you as much as before.



Dralon GmbH: How much do your followers care about the quality of clothing and how important is it for you to share your opinion about this to them?


I think my followers first look at the style and the visuals and get inspired by that. At the end of the day the clothing has to feel good and has to stand the test of time and everyday life. Otherwise it will just hang around your closet.



Dralon GmbH: Just recently you published a wonderful blogpost with your Biederlack Cape. Tell us about the quality of the cape and how people reacted to the blogpost?


Thanks for the compliment! The cape is super comfy. Since our collab I also use it as a blanket and my guests use it when they are cold!



Dralon GmbH: As a blogger you look into the „future“: how do you see the development of Fast-Fashion-Brands and do you think the trend is going more towards high quality products?


I definitely see the trend towards high quality content and products – but unfortunately just a small movement is interested in that. The majority is interested in consuming and being “on trend” for a small budget. But the consciousness and the mindset for high quality products and clothing is there and is starting to grow for sure!


Thank you Esra <3!



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