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At the latest since the alien E.T., the touching extra-terrestrial, home-sick being, we know that home has G-forces giving us a lifetime’s worth of emotions. Returning from vacation, our home immediately heals any ever so hard parting pain from “paradise island”. Even if we feel at home anywhere where our friends are, there are living moments that we can only enjoy in our own 4 walls. For example, the huge cosy sofa that is ideal just for hanging out or watching television. The feeling of comfort is important to all of us especially because life is so hectic once we step outside the door. Who is in the mood for the most beautiful living trends right now? Where can we discover the latest highlights for our own homes? We have taken another look around the Instagram platform and found these truly inspiring accounts.



Fashiioncarpet: Cheers in style

Of course, any stylish apartment also needs a pretty little bar. This cute and delicate bar cart is an eye-catcher even in the smallest of corners. Nina Schwichtenberg of Fashiioncarpet has a really inspiring blog in which she regularly also presents decorative ideas in her apartment.


This is where the dog feels at home, too

Westwing, the inspirational magazine when it comes to interior decorating that is simultaneously also an online shop shows how comfortable your dog can feel at home, too:


And this breathtakingly beautiful, hand-made carpet from Iran proves the fact that dreams of 1001 nights can be made of Dralon.


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