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Photo: Zoé Fidji/Roche Bobois

MAH JONG, which sounds like a minty cocktail, is nothing less than an exotic oasis and true legend in the world of interior design. MAH JONG is a modular sofa, which was created in 1971 by designer, Hans Hopfer, for the French furniture maker, Roche Bobois. The sofa landscape consists of several upholstered elements, allowing limitless design options through the colourful fabric and freedom of form provided by the individual modules.

By icons for icons

Roche Bobois persuaded none other than the Paris-based Japanese designer, Kenzo Takada, to join forces on an incredible collaboration, dressing MAH JONG with new fabrics. Kenzo Takada has designed 3 ‘dawn to dusk’ colour schemes – Asa (morning), Hiru (midday) and Yoru (evening).

As the 78-year old revealed to the renowned architectural magazine, AD , he took inspiration from impressionist, floral and kimono patterns. Cushions, small tables and vases complete the range.


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