The team behind it

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Who are the writers? A fashion-mad team of authors, consisting of fashion journalists and fashion bloggers (The Fashionist), buyers and professionals from the fashion scene (The Expert) and marketers and dralon® staff (The Dralonizer). The team takes a constant interest in fashion and style – both professionally and in their private lives – to constantly move with the trends, instead of trying to keep up with them.

What interests us so much about fashion? How expressive you can be through it! Not only can a person’s clothes completely transform them, (in the best cases) an outfit can reinforce the personality behind it. We find this fascinating, and it makes every style so wonderfully dynamic and exciting. Fashion isn’t “either, or”, but is “both this and that” – just like us as people.

“A dress has no life of its own unless it is worn!”

Elsa Schiaparelli

This “both this and that” is really emphasised in the dralon® brand ActiveLifestyle blog. With precisely this openness and curiosity, we bring clothes to life; experience and discover them anew, let ourselves be deeply drawn into the fashion scene, search passionately on the street for inspiration and new trend directions, travel with you around the world and interview influential people; all to provide you with valuable content. With our five different sections, we stir up the fashion focus and combine fashion with lifestyle sectors that we can all relate to on a daily basis: Home & Living, Outdoor, Sports, Fashion and Work.
And another thing our work on the blog focuses on? The topic of sustainability. Together with the brand dralon®, we set great store in ecological sustainability; we aim to preserve nature and the environment for subsequent generations. For us, sustainability also entails consistently optimising any risks that may arise from the manufacture, use or disposal of our products.
The safety and tolerability of our products are therefore our highest priorities in all of the areas and countries in which we operate.