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Carbon Fibre Eames Sofa

The innovative revival of a classic: With a new shell made of carbon, the American designer Matthew Strong has revived a design classic in the trend of time. Based on some prototypes made of fibreglass that Ray and Charles Eames had previously developed in the 50s but that never went into production due to their heavy weight, the carbon fibre Eames Sofa by Matthew Strong is the result of extensive research. Based on the original made with wood and tubular steel, a piece of furniture was created which is still reminiscent of the basic shape of the fibreglass version, but manufactured with millions of extremely tear-resistant 12K carbon fibres, thereby connecting innovation, art and architecture into a contemporary home design. The light and elegant seat shell is characterised by its aesthetic form, its extreme lightness and durability.
The carbon seat shell is formed in the style of Viennese comb-braiding and old Thonet chairs, and corresponds entirely to the Eames philosophy of transparency: the fine skeletonised design allows visual access to every part of the sofa and lays bare all the details of its form.
Just as Charles and Ray Eames worked intensively with innovative materials and revolutionary manufacturing techniques in their designs, Matthew Strong also achieved a modern masterpiece. He describes the feeling of sitting on it as „weirdly and peculiarly natural“.


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