3D Running Comfort

© 3DPrint.comThe interior design and fashion sectors have to date launched many an artistic statement and innovative design object onto the market in the midst of the high technology era, and it is high time that greater attention was paid to the feet. Not only through visionary design, but an optimised cushion and the best-possible fit – in other words, a 3D sock. 3D printed footprint footwear is no longer pie in the sky. Socks that are optimised to the shape of the foot and promise the highest quality of running comfort. The answer is no longer a dream with the help of NinjaFlex, which Matthew Flail, a talented Philadelphia University graduate, is behind. Footprint Footwear brings the world of shoes closer to the future, with 3D printed sock and tops knitted from a 3D piece that is moulded around the foot. Therefore, the elastomer material fits all feet – be they long and narrow, short and wide, or whatever else. 3D running comfort – for a perfect fit and spectacular appearance!

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